About Mr. Jason I. Coburn MS., Organization Management

Mr. Coburn comes from an urban city and was public school educated through undergraduate school. He began his career as a cluster substitute teacher, taught special education Sub- Separate/Lab Cluster, High school Dean, Middle School Academy Coordinator, Middle School Community Service Liaison, Lead Dean of Middle School , and most recently served as Assistant Principal of a K-8 school. He has never lost a Disciplinary/Suspension Hearing in his entire career (He has documents to prove everything he said). He has changed the culture positively of every school he has served in.

“I have not been to a place that did not want me to stay. My work is about the students I work with , the staff I support , and the families I serve. If the conversations aren’t pertaining to supporting one of the fore mentioned , increasing the value of the work we do, or  solutions to issues or areas of concern then I’m simply not interested in having it. My coworkers, students , and families value the support I bring so I simply increase my efforts because I want everyone who meets me to feel something that they have not felt before. I want them to experience a stranger give the effort of someone who loves them would and should. People don’t forget encounters such as those. I have never forgotten them. That is what I do –make an impact.”